Aceite corporal Rosa Mosqueta

Rosa Mosqueta Body Oil, balsamic / moisturizing with vitamins A, B and C.

Rosa Mosqueta Body Oil contains, among others, the following components:

Rosa Mosqueta: Rejuvenating the skin, it prevents deeper wrinkles and attenuates existing ones, natural generator of collagen (skin tensor). It contains nutrients and moisturizers that keep the skin soft and luminous, regenerates the tissues, attenuates the spots on the skin and reduces stretch marks, it is used to improve acne. It is very appreciated in dermatological treatments: it is used in cases of burns, keratosis, acne, melasma, chloasma, lentigines, warts, psoriasis, carcinoma, hyper chronic scars, surgical scars, melanin production and defenses. Contains Vit. E (antioxidant). Activates the blood supply relieving muscle discomfort. Use it on your body daily, you will be amazed at the results. Use it also after a hair removal, your skin will have a rapid recovery. Rosa Mosqueta, has been recently known and selected by most professional masseurs as a preferred product for their treatments. Sunflower (Sunflower A.): Vitamin E (antioxidant) , lubricant, softener.
Decyl Oleate: Product similar to organic cutaneous fat, contains iodine (recognized disinfectant) .
Sweet Almond (Almond-sweet): Vit. A and B, emollient, high nourishing power for the skin, deeply cleanses the pores, provides elasticity and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Wheat germ: Vit. E and B, enhances the beneficial result of the composition.
Citronellol: De la Citronella, disinfectant, antiseptic, insect repellent. For its aromatherapeutic effect, revitalizing.
Geraniol: Present in geraniums among other species. Revitalizing.

In short, this product is an excellent rejuvenator of the body skin.

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