Aloe Vera Special Body Milk After Sun

Daily moisturizing skin protector and after sunbathing.


The “Aloe vera” or “Aloe barbadendis Miller“, is native to North Africa from where it passes to warm areas of the Spanish Mediterranean and then to Mexico and the United States.This plant is considered therapeutic. External healing properties are attributed to it, since it has traditionally been used as a treatment for burns and wounds, with an acceleration of healing. It has been proven that it acts very positively in the healing of injuries due to excess solar radiation on the skin, so it is important to highlight that our “Aloe vera Special BodyMilk” is not a current BodyMilk, it is the only one with double effect since it also can and should be used as AFTER SUN after a session of Sun or UVA.El Aloe vera is recommended against: Burns or skin sensitized by exposure to the Sun or UVA, Scourges, Acne, fungi. Acts on sensitive skin, irritated and dry (due to its moisturizing power), with redness, aged skin, prevents aging of it (since it acts on wrinkles regenerating the skin), Absorbs environmental radiation, is also recommended for later of a depilation.
Its properties are such that it is used in infinity of infant formula for the skin. To the described properties we must add those of the “AVENA SATIVA” also present in our preparation and that are excellent emollient properties. Perfect accompaniment in the treatment of dry and aged skin. Softening effect on very sensitive skin. It helps to alleviate the irritation produced on the skin due to unfavorable environmental conditions. Play a very important role in the treatment of the skin of people of a certain age.
With the daily use of Aloe vera Special BodyMilk, you will get: Hydrated, relaxed, smooth, soft, pretty, young and gently perfumed skin

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