Natural protector SPF 20. VITA HEALTH

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SINDÓLOR, with the brand’s own guarantee, presents the best possible Protective Set for this summer, the SPF 20 VITA HEALTH, made with 100% NATURAL COCONUT OIL, 1ST EXTRACTION.

COCONUT OIL is considered worldwide as the best sunscreen for the skin, since it blocks 20% of UVA rays. It contains vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. Contributes to good cellular health. Its beneficial effects are reinforced with:

THYME EXTRACT, the elastin it contains, provides resistance and elasticity to the skin.
– ROSEMARY EXTRACT, highly beneficial for the care and maintenance of good skin condition. Perfumes the skin with its natural aroma.
SALVIA EXTRACT, among many other benefits, is astringent and soothing.
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The SPF is an index that indicates the time we can expose ourselves to the sun without risk of burns. The higher the SPF, the more durable the protection from sunlight. If a person is able to be exposed to the sun for 15 minutes without burning himself, choosing a photoresist 20 will provide 15 times more protection. 20×15 = 300 minutes (5 hours). A protection 50 SPF., 50×15 = 750 minutes (more than 12 hours). The question is: Who is 12 hours in the sun and without bathing? It must be borne in mind that every time we take a bath, it is advisable to apply the protector again. We hope this helps you decide which protector interests you.

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