Vital-Natur Oil

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Massage oil “Aromatherapy” Vital-Natur Kräuter Öl.

Properties of some of the components according to the experts:

Camphor (Camphor): Rheumatism, Arthritis, Chilblains.
Eucalyptus: Antiseptic, Bactericidal, Stimulating, Respiratory tract complaints, Colds, Muscular, rheumatic and arthritic pain, anti-inflammatory.
Lavender: Antiseptics, Insecticide (insect repellent), Stimulating , Insomnia, Muscle aches.
Rome Rama: Mental tiredness, Antiseptic, Toning, Muscular, rheumatic and arthritic pain, provides elasticity to the skin.
Jazmín: Relaxing, Neurological, Aromatic pains.
Menthol: Analgesic, Anesthetic, Antiseptic, Cold, Stimulating and Tonic.
Girasol Oil (HELIANTHUS ANNUS): It takes its name from Greek Helios (Sun) and Anthos (Flower), a plant capable of absorbing energy from the Sun being used by humans as food and in very special treatments for the skin. It contains natural antioxidants, Vitamin E and F.
Geraniol: It is found in small quantities in geraniums and lemons. It is antiseptic.
Limonene: It is found in the skin of the lemon. Antiseptic.
Linalool: In its natural form is common in many aromatic plants for example the lavender. All the data that we expose next, have been collected from various books and publications specialists in aromatherapy. Our Kräuter Öl, unlike other similar ones, includes the aromatherapeutic effect, essential for greater effectiveness.
Aromatherapy generally defines the use of etheric oils or as some authors call them “The Soul of plants” for therapeutic purposes, since either in “Air fresheners,” “Baths” or “Massages.” These oils are extracted by distillation in stills, usually wild plants are used, also from our own crops, and in order to preserve some plant species, some of these oils can to be developed in the laboratory as nature would do, preserving all its properties.Today it is known that “Aromatherapy” goes back thousands of years when man began to know the secrets of nature, especially ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Hindus, Arabs and Chinese who were very knowledgeable about the benefits of oils extracted from flowers and plants In recent years research in the field of aromatherapy has received a great boost both in universities and hospitals around the world, proving that these oils act very positively on the body and psyche Through breathing or friction in massage and by this means, strengthen the immune system improving the physical and mental health of the individual increasing the general welfare of the same. Our company has developed this special and exclusive product based on an ancient Egyptian formula improved and reinforced with vitamin E. and F. Its special composition brings harmony to the combination, especially enhances the multiple and beneficial results of each of the components, between others moisturize and give elasticity to the skin giving a youthful appearance. What makes it the most novel and complete product on the market.
About massages in general:
The massage practiced regularly can provide:
Release of accumulated tensions in muscles and nerves.
By having a renewed energy, stimulates the body and mind.
It has been observed that massage helps to fight depressions and nervous tension.
It relieves chronic tensions in the neck and shoulders.
Massage is a form of passive exercise, so it can compensate for the lack of it.
Help to reduce the accumulated fat in tissues.
When massaging areas with fractures, splinters and dislocations, less time is required to heal.
Massages promote bone structure, as well as relieve the discomfort caused by rheumatic or arthritic pain.
By massaging the body we help return blood to the heart , favoring cardiac functions.
Some authors claim that it benefits anemic people by increasing the number of red blood cells.
By improving blood circulation it favors the eyes and the ears.
Regular massage on legs and arms helps to reduce body fluid by reducing swelling. providing relief to painful extremities. (in case of varicose veins consult the doctor).
Better rest and more repairing to facilitate sleep.

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